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Holistic Sports Medicine

Sports Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture

Nutrition Evaluation-diet & supplements

Laser Therapy


Exercise Evaluation-conditioning & therapeutic

Movement Evaluation-gait & structure

Animal Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjusting one of Dr. Schaefer’s performance clients, OTCH Chilly the Golden Retriever




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If this is your first time consulting with Dr. Patti, please print out  then fill in this new client form  for Canisport Veterinary Services and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Dr. Schaefer also recommends that you bring along any pertinent x-rays and/or lab work, so be sure to allow time to obtain those materials from your regular veterinarian.

The typical appointment lasts 30 minutes. Questions for Dr. Patti regarding complicated cases may be emailed to her at  PattiDVM@aol.com  or leave a message on her voice mail at (360) 923-5759. Please allow at least 48 hours for her reply.



Patti enjoys competing in Freestyle-dog dancing-with her Portuguese Water Dog, Seaquin

Dr. Patti Schaefer owns Canisport Veterinary Services, a holistic canine sports medicine and rehabilitation practice in Western Washington seeing patients at locations  in  Olympia, and Kent Washington. As a canine sports medicine veterinarian, she is certified in veterinary acupuncture, as well as, animal chiropractic.

Dr. Schaefer’s workshops on canine sports medicine and performance injuries have been well received throughout the country. Dr. Schaefer is a former professional horsewoman, now competing in dog sports, with experience in a variety of other bodywork modalities.

Patti enjoys “dancing” with Seaquin